You can reach Villas by two alternative routes,

either through Agios Georgios Nilias, or via Kala Nera.

Just a few kilometers away from the Villas, there are the villages Kala Nera and Milies,

where you can find super markets, cash machine (ATM), restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

Pinakates Village is a real hideaway, located in Pelion slopes and has a stunning view to Pagasitikos.

It is full of stone Chapels, Churches and stone Squares, while the many cobbled streets of the village intrigue visitors to walk between the old houses and mansions.

In the village main square there are:

huge plane trees,

the church of Agios Dimitrios,

the Fountain with lion heads from 1894,

while the 500 year old plane tree will offer you a cool solution during summer.

It’s worth visiting:

Agia Kyriaki church in the hill opposite of Pinakates,

the old threshing floor, just above the village of Agios Athanasios,

the forest of beech with water sources and the train station with the well-known train of Pelion.

The feasts of St. Demetrios on August 20th and St. Athanasios on May 2nd, is an excellent chance for you to meet the local traditions.

Being completely on its slopes, Pelion offers many opportunities for any kind of touristic activity. Anyone can try hiking, mountain biking or horse riding as there are many forest and countryside roads and paths useful for these activities and those who want to explore and enjoy places routes of great beauty with amazing view. These unique routes passing through fascinating forests on these unique paths in Pelion will be a real reward for you



Summer is suitable for trips to well-known beaches of Pagasitikos Gulf, for sailing with well-known firms in the region that can offer you an unforgettable experience on the waters of Pagasitikos, for horse riding, for walks in the alleys of the village, for hiking and fishing.



During winter, you can enjoy the tranquility and relaxation which Pelion special climate can offer you and visit the famous traditional Pelion villages in order to taste the local cuisine and local wine and tsipouro. Either you like winter sports or not, there is the ski resort of Pelion Hania – Pelion Ski Center, where you can enjoy downhill skiing in one of the seven tracks or simply enjoy your coffee in the traditional chalet “Agriolefkes”.

Meet our beautiful beaches

The railroad Volos-Miles, or the train of Pelion-Mountzouris, is a train-tourist attraction of the villages of Pelion. The railroad was built in two stages between 1894 and 1903. For 80 years, it was a benchmark for the region. Nowadays, the train continues to climb in the Pelion villages, after a break period, between 1971-1996.